Could My Security Camera Be Hacked

April 10th, 2020

Safety and convenience are two things that any Blue Ridge, GA home or business owner looks for in their lives. They want to keep their property safe, and they want to do it efficiently with little disruption to their everyday life. The new technologies out on the market today makes this easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come along with some concerns as well.


A recent study has found that 61% of Americans are concerned about security camera hacking, and what criminals can do with the new wireless security cameras on the market today. These new wireless security cameras provide a great deal of convenience – they safe footage on the cloud, they can’t be disconnected with a pair of wire cutters, and they can be installed just about anywhere in or around the home. However, since they’re hooked into your WiFi, they can be manipulated and accessed by criminals if property owners don’t protect their own internet accessibility.


Keeping Yourself Protected From Hackers


Just because your home security camera could potentially be hacked, that doesn’t mean they will be hacked. There are a number of things home and business owners of Blue Ridge, GA can do to ensure their wireless security camera system remains safe, and some of these are:


  • Always use strong passwords – A password that is comprised of your name and birthday might be easy for you to remember, but it’s also easy for criminals to guess. Instead of using coherent words or personal details, use strong passwords comprised of at least 10 letters, numbers, and symbols taken at random. These are far more difficult to be “guessed”, and they work to keep your network safe.


  • Change your passwords frequently – Changing your passwords frequently makes sure you’re always a few steps ahead of anyone who may wish to access your network. Your passwords should be changed around once per month at least, and always to different random combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols. Keep a schedule for password changes if it helps you to remember to switch things up.


  • Never reuse passwords – It might seem like a pain to choose a different randomized password for every piece of technology, and to change these often, but it’s really in your best interest. Reusing passwords across technology can put you at greater risk of hacking.


  • Always run your updates – Running updates on the firmware that comes along with your security cameras might seem like an inconvenience, but they’re really in place to keep you safe. These updates work to fix any bugs and enhance the performance of your security camera product.



Keeping You Safe In A Modern World


Our security cameras in Blue Ridge, GA work to keep you safe in today’s modern world. With our professional installation and support, you can rest assured your wireless security cameras are keeping you safe 24/7. If you’re interested in safe and convenient wireless security camera solutions, contact us at Blue Ridge Surveillance for more information today.