Take Steps To Prevent School Bullying

August 9th, 2019

Bullying is a constant problem in every school.  Kids struggle to understand relationships and their own emotions, and they can learn bad behaviors from their parents, their siblings, their classmates, and even their teachers.  Bullying can cause real physical and psychological damage to children, and so it’s important for teachers and other adults at schools to know how to identify it and prevent it.

Teacher Training

Bullying can be hard for adults to stop.  Bullies are usually very good at testing their limits and seeing what they can get away with both in front of adults and behind their backs.  In fact, the kids who respond to bullies will often get into more trouble than the bullies themselves.  Teachers need training to know what signs to watch for, how to get kids to open up about what’s happening, and how to catch a bully in the act.

Attentive Hall Monitors

The job of hall monitors is to watch for trouble or kids skipping out of class and either deal with the situation or report what they saw.  This should include bullying incidents and not just kids who break the school rules.  Having someone nearby who can respond or intervene can make a big difference in how an incident can end, especially if proves that a bully’s actions can have serious consequences.

Active Surveillance

Hall monitors can only see so much, and most schools can’t afford to have a large staff.  That’s why it can help to install a security system throughout the school that includes a set of surveillance cameras in the hallways and classrooms.  These cameras can capture bullying incidents when the kids don’t think anyone can see them, and if the bully lies about what happened afterwards the staff can review the footage and see how the whole thing played out.  Security cameras can also catch students who bring in contraband like drugs or weapons.

Community Involvement

Not all bullying incidents take place on school grounds, and even if you manage to make your school free of incidents it will just make the bullies change their tactics.  That’s why it’s important for the school staff to stay in touch with the community, both the parents whose children attend your school and local businesses and property owners where kids hang out after school.  It’s important to teach kids the right lessons about social behavior when they’re young, and that means bringing together all the adults in the community to watch for bullying.

Your school might always have to worry about bullying, but with the right training, equipment, and community assistance it’s possible to bring down the number of incidents and show children that actions have consequences and there’s always a better way to get what you want.  At Blue Ridge Surveillance we can provide some of that equipment, including HD cameras, cloud storage for recordings, and apps that let school staff check live feeds on their smartphones.  Contact us today to find out all the ways our products can help prevent bullying.