How Burglars Hide in Plain Sight

March 27th, 2020

Are you aware that many burglars these days often wear disguises so that they can hide in plain sight? Many will case the neighborhood for a while before they break into a home, and they avoid suspicion by acting like they belong in the neighborhood. This is why awareness is going to be key in preventing break-ins and deterring criminals in your Blue Ridge community.

Everyday People

They will try their hardest to fit in and will try to look like everyone else in the community. They might put on some running shoes and run around the area or find a dog they can walk unnoticed through the streets, carefully taking their time and watching each and every house they pass. Some have even reportedly dressed up as delivery drivers to get even closer to the homes they are casing.

Why Use Disguises?

As we already touched on, a burglar wants to go unnoticed so as not to raise suspicion. This makes it easier for them to find a home and break in without being detected. So, they choose these disguises to do just that. However, you also must remember that a good majority of home burglaries actually aren't even planned.

According to a survey of 422 convicted burglars, only around 12 percent claimed they pre-planned their burglary while the majority of them reported that it was more of a spur of the moment decision.

Finding the Target

When looking for an attractive target, a burglar often looks at the landscaping and the cars in the driveway to see if the home may be worth their time. Most burglars are looking for homes that may have large amounts of cash, jewelry, and electronics.

Instead of driving around and arousing suspicion, they instead find other ways to take a look around that often go unnoticed by members of the community.

In addition to running and walking a dog, they may even go as far as pushing a baby stroller around the neighborhood. Some have also hung menus on the doors to get even closer or pose as workers and tradespeople to try and gain access to the home so they can have an even closer look around.

Finding Vacant Homes

They also do their research to make sure the home they have chosen is going to be empty. One of a burglar's biggest fears is being caught by a homeowner that is in the home. For this, they will watch the mailbox or knock on the door to see if anyone is there. Some might even go as far as looking up the phone number for the home in Blue Ridge.

If they choose to knock or ring the doorbell, they will already have a story in place in case someone is home and answers. However, having a doorbell installed at your door is a good deterrent, and it allows you to answer them remotely. They won't know for sure if you are there or you are responding from somewhere else.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your home from these burglars that choose to hide in plain sight, contact the experts at Blue Ridge Surveillance in Blue Ridge, GA to see what your options for home security are for your property.