Welcome the Year by Securing Your Home 3 Tips to Keep the Home Safe in 2020

January 9th, 2020

Welcome the Year by Securing Your Home: 3 Tips to Keep the Home Safe in 2020


A smart home does not only rely on the latest technology for entertainment or sustainable efforts. It also needs to be up-to-date when it comes to security. After all, your house is your sanctuary, and it’s only right to take the maximum effort to protect it from outsiders or any other danger.


Therefore, to make a smart home truly high-end and smart, you need to address security from all angles, especially with the coming year. A new year means a new start--so upgrading your security systems can give you peace of mind for 2020.


Create a Smart Home Security System


Security in the home should be carefully planned. Instead of buying security cameras and sensors piecemeal, it would be better to create a system that works as one unit to protect the entire household.


It’s good to understand what a smart home security system truly means. It is defined as a combination of wireless security detectors, cameras, sensors, and locks, all of which work in conjunction with each other. Thus, when a break-in occurs, the cameras do not only capture the incident, but trigger other ways by which damage can be minimized. 


Be Prepared for Remote Security Access and Control


Most household members are out of the house, whether it is for school or for work. During the time when vacations also happen frequently, it’s recommended that homeowners have access control home security. If most businesses already shift to more advanced digital security specs and systems, it is even more important to provide your home with the best security technology.


Access control allows the owner to specify the protection needs of the house. It also allows varied protection, which can be dictated by the available resources that one has in the house. Some security systems can be accessed through a single wireless network, so that the homeowner can control them through software platforms remotely.


When choosing a security systems provider, you need to consider these to maximize the features and fit the system to your specific needs. Make sure that the provider offers specific configurations, such as camera and NVR/DVR configuration features to firm up your security and tailor the specificities to your operations.


Stay Smart With Basic Security


Paving the foundation to have a smart home security in place is the major step. There are other street-smart ways to fend off any threats to your home.


For instance, adding a simple decal decoy can be a big persuasion against thieves. Those who conduct a quick sweep of easy targets are more likely to make them skip your house instead.


Smart home security systems do protect the home from threats that have already come indoors. What if you can already stop the threat before they go into your home? One way to do this is to install smart outdoor lighting. This dissuades thieves and robbers from going inside the house in the first place.


Blue Ridge Surveillance provides a wide array of security systems for the home. More importantly, they have been developed and tested by experts in security, ensuring that every home installed with the unit will be protected and the homeowners will have peace of mind.