The Five Most Common Entry Points Intruders Use To Break Into Your Home

December 27th, 2019

When you are having a surveillance camera system installed in your Blue Ridge home, one of the most important things is to angle the cameras in your most vulnerable areas. This helps make sure that you have real protection. In order to ensure that you have the ideal layout to cover all your vulnerable points, it’s important to know where criminals typically enter your home. Here are the five most common entry points for you to consider when installing your home security system.


1. The Front Door


Though it seems counterintuitive to our ideas of the sneaky criminal, most burglars enter through the front door. In fact, around 34% of all burglars will use the front door as the key access point to your home. The idea is typically that criminals will not arouse suspicion if they are walking through the front door.


2. The Back & Side Doors


Second, to the front door is a back or side door. Again, the idea is to not arouse suspicion in anyone that is looking on. So homes on busy streets or high-trafficked neighborhoods in Blue Ridge often find criminals walking through the back and side doors. Another reason is many homeowners often forget to secure these doors.


3. First Floor Windows


If criminals can’t get in through the doors, they will enter through the first-floor windows. Around 23% of burglars enter through first-floor windows. That is because these are the weakest points of entry to anyone’s home. The locks are easy to break, the windows themselves are easy to break, and many people simply forget to secure them.


4. Second Floor Windows


More agile criminals will aim for second-floor windows. Most homeowners rarely lock these windows and so they can slip in and out relatively undetected. Besides, most homeowners kept their most valuable possessions in their bedrooms like cash, jewelry, and weapons. So criminals will make the climb so they can do a quick snatch and grab.


5. The Garage


Many people completely forget about their garages. They are rarely locked, often left completely open, and usually pretty easy to break into. They also contain high value items like tools and vehicles. Attached garages also facilitate easy entry into the home, because most homeowners rarely lock the secondary door, especially when the garage door is closed. In fact, nearly 10% of all burglars enter through the garage.


Now that you know the key entry points, you can begin strategizing with your home security professional on your surveillance camera layout. At Blue Ridge Surveillance, we understand exactly how criminals work. So we’ll develop a customized system that protects the unique vulnerabilities of your home, while thwarting the common behaviors of crooks. We’ll also give you tips and techniques to ensure that your home is completely secured at all times. To learn more, give our Blue Ridge security experts a call. We’ll happily answer any questions you have and put together a comprehensive strategy to keep your family safe.