Preventing Winter Burglaries at Your Vacant Home

January 31st, 2020

Many people have homes in GA that they leave during the winter in search of warmer accommodations. This means that their home will remain vacant for the duration of the winter.

With a vacant home comes many security concerns that you will definitely want to make sure to address before leaving for the sunny weather of a more southern area.

Today we will go over a few tips to help you ensure that your vacant home remains safe and secure during the winter months.

Install a Monitored Security System

This is one of the best things you can do when you know you will have a vacant property in GA for an extended amount of time. Most of the newer security systems also let you manage and control many aspects of your home security remotely right from your mobile device.

You can set the timers for your lights, lock and unlock the doors, control the thermostat, and even check on the home in real-time whenever you want.

Hire Someone to Care for the Home

You can also hire a caretaker to look out for the home while you are away. They can stop by and pick up the mail, make sure the yard stays maintained, and make the home look occupied.

Most home burglaries actually take place during the day between 10am and 3pm, rather than at night. This is because most homeowners are away at work or running errands during the day so burglars see this as the prime opportunity to get in and out of the home.

With a caretaker there taking care of tasks during the day, the home no longer looks vacant and it lessens the chances of a burglar targeting the property.

Secure All Entry Points

It may seem obvious, but before you leave, you want to make sure that all entry points are locked and secured; this includes all doors and windows of the home. You can even install glass break sensors on the windows. When any glass is broken, you will be immediately notified so you can take immediate action.

Refrain from leaving a spare key hidden outside as well. Most burglars are well aware of this trick and know all of the good hiding places that homeowners use to hide their keys. Instead, leave the key with a trusted friend or neighbor, the caretaker, or a nearby family member.

Motion Lighting

Finally, having motion lighting installed around the property is another good way to deter crime from happening as your home sits vacant. The lights will turn on as soon as any motion is detected outside. This takes away the blanket of darkness most burglars like to work under.

You can also have timed lights inside that are scheduled to turn on and off automatically at different intervals during the day and night, which makes it look like the home is being occupied as well.

To learn more about what security options are available to you and discuss an upgrade for your current home security system, contact the experts at Blue Ridge Surveillance in Blue Ridge, GA for more information.