Is Your Home Attractive Or Unattractive To Burglars

February 14th, 2020

Millions of homes get burglarized throughout the United States each year, including those in Blue Ridge, GA. Have you ever wondered what makes burglars choose one Blue Ridge, GA home over another? While any home does carry the risk of being burglarized, it is true that some homes are simply more attractive to criminals than others. The best way to limit your risk of being burglarized is to make your home as unattractive to burglars as possible.


It’s important to remember that criminals want to carry out their acts without getting caught, and they’ll choose the properties that give them the very best chance at doing just that. Afterall, if they get caught, their entire effort will be for naught, and if they wanted to “pay” for possessions, they would have simply bought them.


Making Your Home Unattractive To Burglars


There are several things homeowners of Blue Ridge, GA can do to make their homes less attractive to burglars. Some steps you can take to lower your risk of burglary are:


  • Keep your landscaping trimmed – A wild and overgrown landscape may have a certain rustic appeal that homeowners love, but it’s important to consider that burglars may love your landscaping decisions as well. Overgrown shrubbery, plants, and trees, or large landscaping pieces, give burglars places to hide while they make their way onto your property. Keeping your landscaping trimmed helps to make your home less attractive to burglars.


  • Keep your property well-lit – Motion sensing lighting can make a huge difference in a burglar’s decision to target your home. This type of lighting not only keeps your property visible, but it also gives off the impression of activity on your property. Burglars won’t be able to use the cover of darkness, and they can’t be sure your property is vacant and ripe for the taking.


  • Use alarm systems – Alarm systems let burglars know that if they try to enter your home, they won’t be doing so undetected. Alarm systems can act as an effective burglary deterrent when advertised around your property, and they can make sure burglars brazen enough to try to enter anyway are caught. Today’s alarm systems even alert authorities and send them to your property straight away.


  • Use camera systems – Like alarm systems, camera systems are a highly effective deterrent against burglaries. Criminals know that their acts will be caught on your footage, and that this footage can be used as evidence to get them caught. Camera systems aren’t just effective at deterring crime, they can also help you to keep a better watch on your family and property as a whole.


Security Keeps Your Home Safe


Security systems like alarms, motion sensing lighting, and camera systems help to keep your property unattractive to those who wish to do it harm. A multi-layered security strategy is best for ensuring your home is kept safe, and we have all the layers you need for a safer and more secure space. If you’re interested in making your home unattractive to local burglars, contact us at Blue Ridge Surveillance today.