Is Your Home As Secure As It Could Be

January 24th, 2020

 Many properties have particular weak spots when it comes to security. For instance, dimly lit front, back, and side yards can provide thieves with the cover that they need to break into the location undetected at night. Unprotected basement doors and windows can allow criminals to get inside as well. Even garage doors can prove to be weak spots. However, more often than not, thieves enter a home through an unlocked front door or window.
Hence, it is of the utmost importance for Blue Ridge residents to make sure that these locations remain locked. Additionally, it is a good idea to check the locks now and again to ensure that they are functioning correctly. After all, the last thing anybody wants to do is make a prowler's life easier. Now, with those tidbits out of the way, this article is going to move on to security options that could be right up a Blue Ridge homeowner's alley.


Motion-Activated Lights

The majority of research points to most break-ins happening during the day. Many burglars wait until between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm to attempt the deed. Why? Well, people are less likely to be home during that span as they are at school/work or out running errands. As such, the thieves believe that they won't run into any problems. However, that does not mean that nighttime break-ins cannot occur, because they absolutely can.

Motion-activated lights can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for these dilemmas. The devices will turn on upon detecting movement, making the area bright and highly visible. Homeowners and neighbors alike will be able to spot any trespassers, and with any luck, the units will scare the perpetrators away too.


High-Quality Surveillance Cameras

Video security is an almost essential item in the modern world. For one, cameras serve as deterrents. That means that if burglars are able to see outside cams, they may avoid the house and look for a more suitable target. If a person chooses to act anyway, the high-definition models will capture his or her every move, distinguishing characteristics, and more, such as the individual's license plate number.

Then, the property owner can turn the footage over to the police department, where officers can use it to identify the suspect. The action will enable them to make an arrest, which means the perpetrator will be taken off the streets and put behind bars. In turn, the homeowner gains peace of mind in knowing that the criminal won't be returning to the scene of the crime any time soon.


A Monitored Intrusion Alarm System

By having a monitored burglar alarm system installed, people gain the feeling that they don't have to do everything alone. The homeowner and his or her family members know that somebody is watching their backs 24/7. Even if persons are not home during an event, a top-notch alarm ensures that local authorities will be on their way in a jiffy to investigate the disturbance. Plus, if people are at the property, they know that help will be on its way shortly.


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