How Much Protection Can Mans Best Friend Provide

October 4th, 2019

Man’s best friend is a furry canine companion who never complains and always stands (or sits) by your side. Dogs are special animals who have the ability to brighten your day with the shake of a paw and a wag of the tail. When an animal is so loving (especially to anyone who has a handful of treats), how can you be sure that they will protect your home from outsiders? 

Big Dogs Can Be A Big Deterrent

Some people believe that a dog can protect their property from intruders. This can work in some instances, but it isn’t always a guarantee that your home will be safe. Big dogs are more likely to keep burglars away. Surveys show that burglars who are targeting a house will change their minds when a large, loud dog is present. Smaller dogs can be just as loud, but they are far less intimidating. The bottom line is: The bigger and louder the dog, the more undesirable your home becomes to a thief.

Some Burglars Remain Unfazed By Fido

You might post signs around your property telling people to beware of your dog, but some criminals are unfazed by your furry friend. Those who have experience with dogs can find ways to trick them, distract them, or even make friends with them in order to gain access to your property. There have even been cases of burglars bringing treats to occupy the dog while they take the valuables inside the home. And sadly, some criminals will harm a dog to keep them quiet.

Try Some Training

If your dog’s bark is worse than his bite, you might try training him to be a better watchdog. With a few learned skills, you just might turn Fido into a good protector. Make your dog a better guard by:

  • Teaching basic obedience skills.
  • Establishing yourself as the master.
  • Socializing the dog to identify proper behavior.
  • Training them to bark on command.
  • Walking the dog along the perimeter of the property to mark its territory.

A Furry Friend Plus A Home Security System Equals Protection

Training can improve your dog’s behavior, but it does not mean they’ll be ready to pounce on the next burglar. Do your dog a favor and give him a leg (or paw) up by installing a home security system that can protect your home, family, and pet from unwanted intruders. When shopping for a system, consider models that include the following solutions:

  • A monitored alarm that alerts both you and the authorities in the event of a break-in.
  • Video surveillance that lets you check on the home and your pet while you’re away.
  • Mobile options that let you check footage from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Are you ready to give Fido the edge he needs to protect your property successfully? Let Blue Ridge Surveillance assist you in finding the right security system for both your home and your budget. Contact us today for more information.