Home Security 3 Effective Deterrents Against House Burglars

March 20th, 2020

For just about anyone, the home is the most important and most valuable piece of property that one owns. It serves the general purpose of providing you and your family a roof to live under, but it also serves the purpose of providing you and your loved ones a home where you can breathe easy, knowing that the outside world can’t hurt you when you’re there, it’s like your own kingdom. And nothing should put a kingdom on more high alert than an unwanted visitor. No matter how safe you might think your Blue Ridge, GA neighborhood is, it always pays to be vigilant and stay prepared. Read on to learn about three ways to beef up your home security to keep those pesky burglars away, and keep everyone at home and everything you own safe.



The cartoons and comedy blockbusters are true, dogs are actually very effective deterrents against burglars. Before a burglar strikes, they make sure to check that their target home is clear of anything that could draw attention to their unwanted presence. Most dogs, being the naturally protective and territorial house buddies they are, will bark at any unfamiliar visitors and perhaps even attack them if they come too close.


If you’re thinking twice about adopting that cute puppy at the shelter, take this as a sign that it’s finally time to adopt! If you’re serious about getting a guard dog for your home, get your puppy trained by a professional while they’re young and are able to learn quickly.


Well-Lit Outdoor Areas

All burglars want to get in, loot as much as they can, and run from the scene while being completely unnoticed. Homes with dark outdoor areas and tall shrubs and bushes make for excellent targets for these sly criminals. To avoid turning your home into a bright red target for theft, invest in a lot of outdoor lighting and do some landscaping. Not only will your outdoor area be a sight to behold, but it will also be a fantastic deterrent against thieves who do not want to get caught. If you’re keen on improving your home security and the space and budget allows, get a couple of motion sensor lights installed in your GA home’s outdoor area.


Surveillance Cameras

Not only do burglars want to get in and out without being noticed, but they also make it a point to avoid anything that could leave evidence of their unwanted visits. Surveillance cameras not only provide evidence you can present to the authorities if ever something does happen, but they also effectively deter burglars from entering your home in the first place. To make sure you get the surveillance cameras fit for your needs and budget, call a professional home security provider to get the job done.


Ready to go out and apply these deterrents to your own home, but don’t quite have the off-hand knowledge that you need to get it done? Contact Blue Ridge Surveillance today for a helping hand. Blue Ridge Surveillance is a home security service provider in Blue Ridge, GA, priding itself on understanding the needs of clients closely and perfectly, as well as providing help to anyone and everyone in need in the area.