Does Your Property Need A High Security Door Lock?

December 12th, 2018

The average person may not realize it, but there are many different types of door locks available on the market. And while it should be fairly obvious that a quality lock is a major part of keeping your property safe, finding the right kind of lock is something that many people don’t bother with – but that they certainly need to consider carefully.

Learning more about high-security door locks and whether or not your property needs one is important. It could help you get peace of mind and also enjoy additional benefits that can impact you in various ways.

What Is A High-Security Door Lock?

Basic pin and tumbler locks are what most homes initially have. But, they can be picked or forced open quite easily. High-security door locks, however, are designed to be resistant to all of these assaults and more. They offer numerous benefits including:

Construction made from solid metal.

Durable, force-resistant bolts

More complex cylinders

More complex keyways

Key designs that are harder to copy

Design that is resistant to drilling, sawing, and prying

In short, high-security locks are a more advanced type of lock that offers your property much more protection than traditional, standard locks can provide.

The Big Benefits Of High-Security Door Locks

The most obvious reason hat high-security door locks are worth your attention is that they offer increased security. But, they also offer additional benefits that can help you get more peace of mind.

Harder to Duplicate. High-security locks are created using patented designs. They can only be duplicated by the manufacturer or an authorized locksmith. This means that thieves can’t steal and copy your key without you knowing about it.

Tamper Proof. Since each key is cut on an angle and uses unique pins that work in the cylinder, thieves aren’t likely to be able to pick the lock.

Lower Costs. While the initial cost of a high-security lock will be more upfront, the protection that it provides means that you’ll be less likely to lose valuable items due to theft or intruders. This saves you money overall.

Easier to Reset. When a standard lock is compromised, it has to be replaced to ensure maximum security. But higher security door locks can actually be rekeyed using a basic two-step process. This means that you don’t’ have to worry about your lock being compromised and that you don’t have to spend a large amount of money on a new installation process.

Who Needs High-Security Locks?

There are numerous reasons that a high-security lock is worth considering. These include:

Those who have been broken into before

Garages, sheds, and other exterior buildings with less security

Major entryways



In short, anyone can benefit from a high-security lock being added to their home or business. If you want extra peace of mind, have been the victim of a burglar in the past, or just want to ensure that your property is entirely protected, they’re well worth investing in.