Security Systems Can Improve Your Business

September 6th, 2019

Anyone that runs a business understands the inherent peace of mind and protection advantages that come from using a security system. However, implemented properly, a security system doesn’t just protect your business from criminal activity; it can even be used to help you to improve your business operations. But how?

It’s important to remember that the goal of security systems is to monitor and notify. When put to purposes other than just watching for criminal activity, these activities can also help you to see how your business operates, and where you might be able to improve it. Here’s how.

Remain Compliant

In some cases, a security system might not just be important to protect you; there may be laws in place that say you need a minimum amount of security, at a particular level of quality, to continue to operate legally. This is often the case when it comes to protecting customer data.

Cybersecurity, as one example, is an area of critical importance when confidential customer or client information is stored in your system. Depending on the business you’re in, you may not even be allowed to legally operate without being able to prove that confidential information is getting the legally mandated amount of protection required to ensure private data remains so.

Reduce Costs

An optimized, modern security system can help you cut down on your operating costs. For example, older security systems that still operate on an analog CCTV camera system require a dedicated security room, in which each security feed requires its own monitor.

A modern security camera system is digital, meaning that an entire security room isn’t always necessary, and even if you prefer this configuration, all the footage can now be broadcast to a single monitor, saving you on the cost of equipment. New security systems are cheaper as well, meaning they can be used more widely and may assist in cutting down the need for human security.

Streamline Your Operations

You can use surveillance footage of your own business to see where inefficiencies and “bottlenecks” may lie, depending on your business activity. Retail stores, for example, can use surveillance footage to see how customers move around the store, and even monitor employee behavior to see who is attentive and focused on customer support, and who is not performing up to par.

If you have a logistics operation, surveillance can not only prevent theft, but show you how freight is moving in and out of your facility, and where you may be able to speed things up. If you see that there’s one stage where a long line of freight hauling is sitting, waiting for attention, and this is where most of your delay comes from, you now know to devote more resources to processing things at this stage faster. 

If you want to find out more about which security systems can protect your business, but also help to improve your operations and bottom line, maybe we can help. Contact Blue Ridge Surveillance and let us know what you have in mind for security and what kind of business you operate.