Security Cameras Commercial Grade Versus Consumer Grade

March 6th, 2020

Whether you are a Blue Ridge homeowner or a business owner, security cameras are always a good idea. However, when it comes to purchasing one, it is easy to get overwhelmed due to the many types, technical specifications, and prices. One of the first decisions that needs to be made is if you should go to a local store and purchase “consumer grade” camera or a “commercial grade”. So let’s examine why you will be better off in the long term with a commercial grade security camera.


Commercial Grade Cameras Will Outperform Commercial Grade Cameras


While both cameras look similar on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts. Commercial grade cameras are specifically made for high performance applications where not working properly is not an option. Consumer grade cameras have a smaller internal video sensor and perform poorly in low or no light areas. Lighting and resolution are the two biggest factors in security cameras. No point in purchasing a security camera that does not function well at night.


Commercial Grade Cameras Adapt Better To Light Conditions Than Consumer Cameras:


Commercial grade surveillance cameras contain software and hardware called High Dynamic Range (HDR) allowing for greater range of color and contrast. This means it can video under all light conditions, such as a door opening and flooding the sensor with light. This software and hardware is not available at this time.


Commercial Grade Cameras Have A Higher Resolution Than Consumer Grade


When it comes to resolution, again the commercial grade is superior. Resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the video image. The greater the resolution, the better the image. The two most popular resolutions are 4K and 1080p. The resolution choice depends on your system and needs.


Commercial Grade Cameras  Fully Integrate Into Any System Unlike Consumer Cameras


When we talk about system integration, we are referring to the many “smart’ devices that can “communicate” to each other via a network. Commercial grade cameras integrate with any smart devices such as Alexa and Google Nest. It is much more difficult to integrate smart devices with a consumer grade camera.


Commercial Cameras Are More Affordable Than You May Think


While the average commercial grade system will be more expensive than a consumer grade camera system, it is important to remember that, “you get what you pay for”. Many consumer cameras retail for under $100. Most of them claim to have 1080p resolution. This means that the intruders' facial features, license plate numbers will be unreadable, and at night almost impossible to make out any images. This issue tends to negate the whole reason you want to set up a security camera. The cost of a professional system is determined by your needs, wants and budget. A professional installation technician can help you determine what the options are for your Blue Ridge property.


Locally owned and operated in Blue Ridge, our skilled technicians at Blue Ridge Surveillance understands the security issues our community faces and can meet your security needs. Starting with a needs assessment of your home or business, we work with you to design a unique security system to fit your requirements and budget.