Does Your Inventory Go Missing?

August 15th, 2019

Missing inventory is a major concern for all retail businesses large and small. Your inventory is what you have to offer to your customers, it’s how you make your money, and it’s what draws potential customers to your establishment in the first place. When inventory goes missing, businesses take a hit, and this can be particularly damaging to smaller retail businesses in particular. 

When your store is packed full, something that all retail businesses strive for, it becomes more difficult to control inventory loss. You have employees working the registers and stocking the shelves, and you have customers perusing about every aisle making it tough to see exactly what is going on. Luckily for today’s retail business owners, you do have another option to put extra sets of eyes all over your establishment. 

How Security Cameras Benefit You

Security cameras can be your eyes when you can’t have your actual eyes on all of the inventory in your store. Inventory loss through shoplifting can come from customers and employees alike, and your security cameras will be able to capture it all when strategically chosen and placed. Some tips on optimally using your security cameras are: 

  • Draw attention to your installed cameras – Your security cameras don’t just catch shoplifters in the act, they also deter them from shoplifting in the first place. The ultimate goal of a shoplifter is to take inventory without paying and without getting caught, and if they know your cameras are watching, it puts a big wrench in their plans. They’ll know they’re more likely to get caught, causing them to think twice about taking inventory in the first place. Signage pointing to your presence of security cameras lets them know they’re being watched. 

  • Put a stop to employee theft – Your security cameras don’t just protect you from inventory loss due to visitors at your store, they also protect against employee theft. 30% of all inventory loss is carried out by employees, and it could be those you trust to run and protect your business responsible for your lost product. Your security cameras will catch employee theft in the act and put a stop to this damaging behavior. 

  • Get to know your system – Getting to know your security camera system is key to making the most of it. Do some research into finding the perfect security camera system for your store and your needs, and learn to use all of this cameras abilities and features. With a camera you can fully use, you’ll have complete confidence in your protection. 

Keep Your Inventory Protected

Keeping your inventory protected keeps your business successful. When you’re less worried about losing your inventory, you can focus more of your attention and energy on increasing your success. If you’re looking to find the perfect security cameras system for your store, some professional help can be of service. To find the ideal security camera system to protect your retail business, contact us at Blue Ridge Surveillance today.