Do You Know When Its Time To Update Your Business Security

January 17th, 2020

For businesses in the Blue Ridge, GA area, security is a big deal. Small to medium sized businesses can experience irreparable financial damage from a single burglary, and no business is too big or too small to suffer the ramifications of digital theft. Businesses of the Blue Ridge, GA area might feel as though security is a once and done thing, that they’ve created a strategy, had their security installations completed, and now they’re done. However, security should be treated as a living, breathing, and growing thing, and something that should be addressed regularly to ensure your business is kept safe.

It’s easy to see just how far security for commercial businesses in Blue Ridge, GA has come in recent years. Just two short decades ago we were still looking at grainy video on tapes that stored footage on an overlapping loop. In today’s modern age, we have 4K security cameras, footage stored on the cloud, digital security unheard of even one decade ago, and remote monitoring that puts you right at your business from anywhere in the world.

Signs Its Time To Update Your Security

There are a few signs businesses of the region can look for to determine if it’s time to address and update your security. Some of these signs include: 

Your business has grown – If your business has grown in recent years, chances are it’s also outgrown its security. With all of the different security technologies on the market today, security is completely scalable and your security strategy can grow right along with you. Whenever your business experiences marked growth, it’s time to address your security strategy and make improvements where necessary.

You’ve experienced a breach in security or a close call – If you’ve experienced a breach in security, or a close call, it’s time to address your security weak spots and make updates. Maybe you’ve come to your store and saw damage to the door, or maybe you’ve been alerted to an attempted hack. Even a close call is too close, and updated security helps you to get your peace of mind back. 

It’s been a while – If you first outlined your security strategy more than 5 years ago, it might be time to update your security as a whole. Security has made leaps and bounds in recent years, and these technologies are only growing more advanced. If you last updated your business security 5 years ago, it’s time to address your current strategy for today’s technologies.

Making The Right Changes

Updating your security strategy is all about making the right changes that work for you and your business at this current time. While the world of security can be overwhelming, the professionals are here to help you to make sure you have all the solutions you need to remain safe. If you’re considering a security upgrade in the year 2020, call us at Blue Ridge Surveillance to see what our professionals can do for you today.