Choose The Best Security Features For Your Business

November 26th, 2019

Every business is unique.  Each one has its own industry, culture, location, building, employees, and so on.  However, what every business has in common is a need to keep its products, its employees, and its customers safe.  The best way to do that is to invest in a security system, and because every business is unique your security needs will be different, too.


Retail Stores


Retail businesses see a lot of customers coming and going, and because of that shoplifting can be a major problem.  You may also have to handle a lot of cash, and keeping that safe can be a challenge.  Retail security should focus on the point-of-sale devices and include cameras that can clearly see both employees and customers, and it also helps to have cameras watching the back aisles where employees don’t often go.  It also helps to have strong locks that will keep your building safe while it’s closed.


Commercial Office Buildings


If you operate a commercial building, your tenants may have clients regularly come in or they may only interact with customers online.  If your building is more for the second kind of tenant, you can install access control systems for the front entrance along with each office area.  If not, you can make the public areas easy to reach but install stronger access control features on each office.  Either way, you can hire a security staff and install cameras in public areas so that all your tenants will feel safer.




Access control systems on factory doors makes sense because only employees should be entering the factory floor every day.  You can make it easier to enter the office area so clients can come and go during business hours, but you should make sure the door to the factory automatically closes and locks.  You may also want extra access control features in the factory so workers don’t wander into secure areas and can’t get into the storage area without supervision or the proper permissions.




Like with retail stores, it’s important for restaurant security to include cameras that focus on the point-of-sale devices.  Another important feature is a fire alarm.  Fires can spread quickly in a restaurant if they reach the wrong areas, but at the same time open flames are common in many restaurants and you’ll need smoke detectors that aren’t as sensitive as the ones in most homes.  You should also make sure you have a way to secure the more expensive ingredients your restaurant serves, and you may want a way to secure the more expensive and portable equipment you use.


There are thousands of different security options out there if you count all the features, brands, and models you can get.  However, getting everything is too expensive for most businesses, so it’s important to know what you need and what priorities your company should have.  That’s why it helps to consult with a professional security firm like Blue Ridge Surveillance, so feel free to contact us and set up an initial consultation.