Are You Due For A Business Security Update

April 11th, 2019

The average Blue Ridge, GA business owner doesn’t spend too much time thinking about their full security infrastructure, and this could be a lurking problem you may not know exists. For the average Blue Ridge commercial property owner, a security system is installed and promptly forgotten about…only to be realized again when something happens. However, like most technologies in today’s modern age, security solutions are constantly improving, and it’s important to keep your business safety up to date.

The Improvements Checklist To Consider

There have been several major improvements in commercial security in recent years, many of which ignored by Blue Ridge, GA business owners. A checklist of the top 5 improvements you should consider when updating your security system include:

  1. Visual technology – While grainy photos and blurry video may have been par for the course 10 years ago, this is certainly not the case today. Today’s security cameras are equipped with HD video and photo resolution, which captures the faces of criminals down to the very last detail. Should a crime occur on or in your business, the evidence caught on your camera is more useful than ever.
  2. Mobile access technologies – Remote access with a mobile phone app makes security more convenient and more far reaching than ever before. The security systems of today can be attached to an easy to use mobile app, which allows you to control your systems and check your footage from anywhere and at any time. Taking a vacation away from your business? All you need to do is check the app to check in with what’s going on in real time.
  3. Top notch hacker protection – Hacking has made headlines too many times in recent years, and security technology has kept up to keep hackers out. The latest security for your security will ensure that those who look to steal information will be kept far from it despite their best efforts.
  4. Smart hubs – Your security system doesn’t need to be one thing or another, and multi-layered systems are more manageable than ever. Smart hubs connect all of your various layers and allow you to manage your security simply from one central hub.
  5. New and improved access control – Access control is a security method used by many businesses in the Blue Ridge area, and for good reason. Simply put, it keeps those unauthorized to be in any particular area out, while welcoming in all who do belong in a certain region of the property. New and improved access control uses mobile passes, provides more control over access control systems, and can be managed by your own IT team.

A Secure Future

Like mobile phone technology, laptop technology, or tablet technology, security technology is also seeing growth by leaps and bounds. By keeping your security system up to date with the latest and greatest, you’re keeping your business as safe as it can possibly be. As time goes on, these technologies are only expected to improve further.