Are Security Cameras Necessary For Restaurants?

November 9th, 2018

When GA business owners consider security solutions for their business, they often think first of the need in retail establishments, high profile businesses with highly valuable inventory, or those which deal with sensitive information. However, restaurant owners should be included in this list as well. Customer and employee safety is an important part of the restaurant experience, and this is just what security cameras can help to provide.

Safety is a priority for all in the food service industry. For this reason, chefs need to follow strict rules and regulations to avoid injury themselves and protect patrons from falling victim to foodborne illnesses. The waitstaff is often busy in the shuffle around hot ovens, stovetops, sharp utensils, and spills, making them susceptible to injury. For restaurants that include bar services, patrons being overserved and getting rowdy can be a big issue when it comes to the safety of employees and other customers alike.

Approaching Your Restaurant Security

Security cameras can be a big help in ensuring your Blue Ridge,GA restaurant remains secure. When cameras are installed in well lit and well-placed areas around a restaurant, the footage can capture the goings on in the kitchen, the bar, and on the restaurant floor to ensure patrons and employees are kept safe and secure. Should anything occur in the restaurant, the footage will be able to provide evidence of the circumstances surrounding an accident, an altercation, or a customer claim. If the restaurant experiences a break-in during off-hours, this will be caught on the camera footage as well.

The installation of security cameras can also help your restaurant to improve as a whole. When repeated mistakes are caught on camera, or a birds’ eye view enables you to catch things you may not have seen before, concerns can be brought into employee training programs to fix the issues and continue moving forward.

A few tips for approaching the installation of your restaurant security cameras are:

Consider your coverage – A security camera placed in an area that goes around a corner isn’t going to serve your need if half of the screen is taken up by a wall. Place security cameras in areas that are high-traffic, or sensitive, but also offer a wide view of the whole landscape.

Consider lighting – Lighting is important for capturing usable and high-quality footage. If lighting is not available in the perfect area for security camera placement, consider installing lighting in the area for more worthwhile footage.

Consider employees over customers – Employees are often a restaurant’s biggest threat when it comes to theft. Rather than focusing camera footage on the floor or bar, it may pay to focus more on employee access spaces.

Security For A Successful Restaurant

With security taken care of, restaurant owners can have the peace of mind they need to continue pushing forward and focusing on success. If your restaurant business could benefit from the installation of security camera systems, or you’d like to learn more about security in GA eateries, contact us at Blue Ridge Security.