3 Tips To Secure Your Retail Business

March 13th, 2020

People that have chosen to run retail businesses in Blue Ridge, GA know that there are a lot of moving parts to run this kind of business successfully. It's not just about marketing or having quality products. Sometimes even things like having the right storefront can be critical to drawing in customers.

But there is one critical difference between the retail sector and other businesses in Blue Ridge, GA, and that is the risk of theft as a major source of harm to the business. While other businesses such as those in the B2B sector may concentrate more on employee fraud, in retail, profits can take a huge direct loss from outsiders stealing the product. Here are three ways that you can help to reduce this likelihood in your retail business.

Exercise Crowd Control

While it's true that every business wants as many customers as they can handle, the important thought here is "handle." If you have a large event, such as a sale, with much public awareness, you'll draw in the crowds, but you'll also make it easier for theft to occur. One of the most difficult times to spot a theft—even with surveillance cameras present—is when too many people are in the space, making it possible to steal within the cover of a crowd.

When possible, try to reduce crowding in a store, especially during special events. Form lines, or only allow a certain number of people in and out of the space to keep crowd management under control.

Monitor POS Terminals

This may not be a direct threat to you, but it can be a huge threat to your customers, which in turn affects your business. A new popular technique in high-tech crime is the use of "skimmers." These are devices that slot over the card slots of unattended point of sale terminals, like gas station kiosks, or self-checkout terminals in a store.

Once the skimmers are in place, customers can still make legitimate purchases, but the addition of the skimmer monitors both the card number and the PIN used to validate sales. All a thief has to do now is retrieve the skimmer, and your store has inadvertently provided unlimited access and control to customers' accounts, which can hurt your reputation.

Use Surveillance Cameras

Finally, investing in a good surveillance camera system brings huge dividends. It acts as a deterrent to most theft once people know that cameras are on the property. If a theft does occur, if it happens in front of the camera, there's now photographic evidence that can be used for the investigation that is far more accurate about details like clothing, build, and identifying characteristics than an eye witness. And if an arrest occurs using that investigative evidence, it can now be used as evidence in court to get a conviction.

If you have a retail business in Blue Ridge, GA that you'd like to make more secure, we can help. Contact Blue Ridge Surveillance, and we can assess your security vulnerabilities and address them.